Home Trends: The Most Popular Roof Colors in Salt Lake City in 2023

May 14, 2023 | Blog, Home Trends, Salt Lake City

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material across the nation. There are two main reasons they this material surpasses all others. First of all, it is affordable. It is easier on the budget than, say, tile or slate. The second main reason why this material is so common is because of the huge array of color choices available! Choosing the color of roofing material may even be more challenging than choosing the material! What are the most popular color choices for 2023 when it comes to roofing materials? 

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Main Category of Colors

There are five main categories of roof colors to choose from. 

  • Light Brown hues – sand, taupe, desert
  • Dark Brown hues – autumnal brown, tree bark, weathered wood
  • Blue hues – denim, navy, sky, blue-green
  • Green hues – forest, moss, hunter
  • Off-white hues – beige, stone, tan, khaki

The most in-demand color right now is brown shades. Typically, the best-sellers are those with a weathered brown base with accents of clay and lighter browns mixed in. A second close is the grays which look magnificent against a white or off-white shingled home. Thanks to modern technology, the darker colors don’t necessarily make a home warmer, as they used to. This opens up a whole array of color choices, which weren’t even thought of a few decades ago. 

Notice Surroundings

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a color for your roof. First of all, look at the property. Not only the home but the surrounding aspects. Do you live in the woods? Do you live wide open in the middle of the street? A dark green or a variety of browns would probably appeal to the vision better in a woodsy situation than on a busy downtown street. 

Secondly, make sure the color you choose is a complement to the siding. You want to stand out on the block for beauty, not for a mismatched or goofy looking home. For example, a warm color on your home will warrant a warm shade for the roofing material. The same rule applies to a cooler color on the home. 

Other considerations:

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you narrow down your roofing color.

Be Like the “Joneses”

The old quote of “keeping up with the Joneses” means we look to see what our neighbors are doing and do as they do. There is nothing wrong with taking a look at your neighbor’s homes and deciding what looks nice and pleasant to the eyes. Perhaps that gray roof looks great against your neighbor’s home, and since your siding is similar to theirs, it will probably be just as pleasing. Get some ideas as you travel through your town. 


Does the town or HOA that you live in require particular roof colors? Some communities are quite particular and will only allow certain colors and shades. Be sure to check this out before committing to a particular color scheme. 

Architectural Style

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The type of home you have may determine the color you choose. If your home is more traditional, perhaps a neutral roof shingle color such as gray, brown, or white would be best. However, if your home is edgy and modern, consider learning toward a bolder red, dark blue, or deep orchid. Just make sure the color will look pleasant against the siding you already have on your home. 

Rocky Mountain Exteriors in Salt Lake City is eager to help you select the new shingle color for your roof replacement project. We are color specialists, as well as professional knowledgeable roofers. We can sit down with you, explore the vision you have for your new roof and do our best to help it become a reality. We look forward to working with you! Give us a call today and we will grab our color swatches and be right over! 

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