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Here at Rocky Mountain Roofs, we like to serve our customers and the least we can do is provide each and every one of them with a free roof inspection. 

We are part of the community, and we feel a duty to be of service.  One of the ways we can contribute is by providing intensive and regular roof inspections, all at no cost to local homeowners.  Roof inspections should be done at least once a year, especially in Utah, where the weather can wreak havoc on your roofing.  If you’re looking for a free inspection, schedule yours today or just simply call us.

Checking for leaks

We know you have reservations about having your roof looked at, but with Rocky Mountain Roofs, you have nothing to fear.  Besides, it’s better to know any issues that might cause you problems down the road.  Addressing roofing issues early is the best way to avoid a large, and unwanted expense. If a repair is needed, you can rest assured you will be receiving the highest materials and craftsmanship available.  If you own a home, you owe it to yourself to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape.  We inspect all of the following during our free inspections:

– Shingle Condition

The condition of your shingles can be a huge cause for potential problems in the future.   We make sure the natural wear and tear is normal and determine how much life the shingles have left.  Hail and wind damage is a huge part of this inspection as well.  That kind of extreme weather ages shingles faster than anything else other than an airplane crashing into the roof (knock on wood).  We will let you know if we find any damage of the sort due to the fact you may then be eligible for an insurance claim.

– Flashing

Believe it or not, most leaks that you witness in your home that come from the roof usually all originate from some sort of flashing problem.  We make sure to inspect not only the flashing on the chimney but the wall to roof flashing that sits under the shingle and stucco or siding.  Another flashing to look at is in our valleys if you have valley flashing as well as all vents that are up on the roof.  We will verify where the problem started and if it means we get in the attic, then we get in the attic to make sure.  We can spot any wet or deteriorated wood to then determine where water has entered.

– Drip Edge & Gutters

Here at RMX, inspecting a roof is key!  We cannot stress it enough but to make sure that the drip edge and gutters are looked at entirely.  This is also a common roof leak issue know to all roofers.  Nails that hang the gutters sometimes will penetrate the drip edge leaving a pretty substantial hole that what? You guessed it!  Water can enter.  This is one of the primary focuses of the inspection.

– Decking

Another key part of the inspection is usually an obvious problem if it occurs.  Any rotted plywood can typically be found by simply stepping on the roof and feeling loose or flexible wood.  Rotted wood that is spotted is not the actual problem area but gets us one step closer to finding it which is usually located near some sort of flashing.  Could even be some seriously deteriorated shingles where the problem originated.  This area of inspecting is the number one reason why we want to look in the attic to get a different angleClick Here at where that problem is.

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