What Will a Roof Replacement Cost in Spokane?

Oct 23, 2022 | Blog, Costs, Roof Replacement

Every roof has an anticipated life expectancy which means that, as a homeowner, you will very likely need to replace your roof eventually. When it comes to roof replacements, you need a contractor that you can trust with this major investment. Speaking of investments, you’re probably wondering just how much you can expect to pay for a roof replacement for your home in Spokane.

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Average Cost of a Roof Replacement in Spokane

The average cost to replace a roof in Spokane is between $10,500 and $14,700 or around $500 to $700 per square and is dependent on a wide variety of factors that the experts at Rocky Mountain Exteriors will take into consideration when calculating the cost of your new roof.

How Roof Size Impacts the Cost of Roof Replacement

The size of your roof will be one of the most important factors in determining the cost to replace your roof in Spokane. While your roofing contractor in Spokane will take the time to get precise measurements and exact calculations you can get a general idea of the size of your roof by looking at the square footage of the footprint of your home. Roofs are measured in squares which are equal to 100 square feet, so divide the square footage of your home by 100 to get an estimate of your roof size.

  • 10 square roof: $5,000 to $7,000
  • 15 square roof: $7,250 to $10,500
  • 20 square roof: $10,000 to $14,000
  • 25 square roof: $12,250 to $17,500
  • 30 square roof: $15,000 to $21,000
  • 35 square roof: $17,250 to $24,500

Other Factors that Will Impact Roof Replacement Cost in Spokane

While the size of your roof will be a very important consideration in determining the cost to replace your roof in Spokane, it’s not the only thing your roofer will look at.

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Roof Pitch

The pitch of your roof refers to how steep the roof is. Roof pitch is measured by the distance the roof travels vertically (x) over a 12 inch horizontal span. Each pitch has a designated, standardized pitch multiplier that roofing contractors use to determine how the pitch affects the surface area of the roof. As a roof gets steeper its surface area grows, so you can generally expect a steeper roof to be more expensive to replace than one with a lower slope.

Roof Complexity

As the title would suggest, roof complexity refers, quite simply, to how complex the roof is. Roof complexity can account for many things like how many peaks and valleys are on the roof, any chimneys or other protrusions, skylights, venting, and more. Typically, a very complex roof will be more expensive to replace than a very simple roof because of the additional labor and materials costs associated with the replacement.

Labor Costs

While we discussed that the size of the roof is ultimately the biggest factor in determining the cost of the roof replacement, this is only because the size so greatly impacts both the amount of material needed and time it will take to complete the roof replacement. Labor costs account for around 40%-60% of the roof replacement costs and can be broken down very simply into:

  • The number of technicians needed to complete the project
  • The number of hours needed to complete the project
  • The cost per hour of each technician on the project

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