What is the Typical Cost of a Roof Repair in Salt Lake City?

Oct 31, 2022 | Blog, Costs, Roof Repair, Salt Lake City

Whether you’ve experienced damage from a severe storm or your roof is just facing the regular wear and tear of constant exposure to the elements there will likely come a time that you notice your roof is in need of a little TLC. Timely and professional repairs are integral to the health and longevity of your roof. If you’re noticing that your roof could use some repairs you’re probably wondering just how much you’ll have to pay for it.

Average Cost to Repair a Roof in Salt Lake City

The average cost to repair a roof in Salt Lake City is between $400 to $700 depending on a variety of factors. When Rocky Mountain Exteriors in Salt Lake City handles your roof repair you can expect to pay a base rate of $250 for your roof repair.

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How Much of the Roof is Damaged?

Roofs are measured in squares which are equal to 100 square feet. In Salt Lake City you can usually expect to pay somewhere between $500 to $700 per square for a roof repair. The extent of the damage to your roof will typically be the biggest factor that affects the cost of your roof repair, although this is not always the case.

What Kind of Damage Does the Roof Have?

The type of damage to the roof can be the exception to the rule for the extent of the damage. When damage is very severe, it may cost more to repair it even if the damage covers less of the roof. For example, the cost to repair a large area of damaged or missing shingles would likely be less expensive than the cost to repair a much smaller area where something has punctured the roof all the way through the decking.

How Accessible is the Damage?

The accessibility of both your roof as a whole as well as the damaged area can also play a role in the cost to repair your roof, largely due to labor costs. If the damage is difficult to reach it may require specialized tools and equipment to perform the repairs. Additionally, damaged areas that are difficult to reach will likely take longer to repair.

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How Shingle Type Impacts Roof Repair Cost in Salt Lake City

The type of shingle you have installed on your roof will likely play a role in the cost of the roof repair. There are three primary types of asphalt shingles:

  • Three-tab shingles
  • Architectural shingles
  • Premium shingles

Your current shingle will impact the cost of your roof repair if shingles need to be matched to your existing roof. If you have a more expensive shingle already installed, it will obviously cost more to repair these than if you had a cheaper shingle installed. Additionally, the shingle you have installed may be difficult to match which could result in the need for specially ordered products.

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